*USH SWIM is a purveyor of fashionable, functional, quality swimwear for the real, everyday woman. Each piece is designed by Usha and is made in the U.S. 
We are also a lifestyle brand that promotes self-love, inspires confidence, and works to diminish body shaming by creating an atmosphere where the everyday woman is anything but average.
The brand motto is "DON*T DROWN". When life gets hard, I want women to remember: You are and have everything you need to push through; don*t drown. 
DON*T DROWN also refers to the "DRIP" that comes from wearing USH SWIM. #dontdrowninthisdrip


Usha Malulani Owner/Creative Designer


Usha Reyes, the Founder and Creative Director of *USH SWIM, is a Hawaiian, African-American, Filipino woman raised on the rural island of Moloka’i, Hawaii currently residing in Atlanta, GA. She is a “super creative” that decided to focus on swimwear for women that don’t necessarily fit the Euro standards of beauty. Post back to back pregnancy, when her pre-baby body decided to go on permanent vacation, Usha decided to focus on creating a body positive swimwear line. She couldn’t find swimwear that made her feel sexy or fly, which is why she did it herself! After experiencing the joy of having swimwear that flattered her new body, she wanted other women to experience that same happiness.
Say hello to *USH SWIM.
Usha’s style is eclectic yet classy. She is drawn to chic sexy pieces, bold patterns, and vibrant colors mixed with muted tones and gold accents. With a background in Fashion Design/Merchandising and Business and Human Resources, she works to bridge corporate with creative. Her designs have been seen on the OWN Network’s reality television show ‘Ready to Love’, published in Upscale magazine and worn by musical artist Sukihana to name a few.
Usha’s mission is to create a body positive atmosphere where the everyday woman is anything but average.